Family Reading Night

What is One School, One Book?

A family literacy program that enables you to create a school-wide book club.  Everyone - students, families, teachers, staff - reads the same book at the same time.  At home and at school. K-5.  You will saturate your school - and your community - with literacy.

When will this happen?
In January, the oldest student in your household will bring home a book for your family to read together.  The book will be yours to keep.  We cannot tell the name of the book's a secret...but we can tell you that the book has been selected by a group of Don Steed staff members who believe you will love it!

Do you already read aloud to your children?  yes?  Keep it up!  No?  Take a look at the attached infographic from to learn why 15 minutes a day can help your child succeed in school.

Check out Mrs. Gray's video about our One School, One Book Program!

The World According to Humphrey Videos:

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