Incentives for New Teachers

Signing Bonus - $1500.00
·           Applies to fully certified,[1] highly qualified[2] teachers, media specialists and guidance personnel
·           Employee must sign an agreement to repay the bonus if they voluntarily leave during the current school year (pro-rated)
·           Bonus is payable after the first 30 days of employment and will be paid in the following paycheck.
·           Employees who have received a signing bonus and leave the Hoke County School District will not be eligible for a signing bonus within a three year period
·           Employees hired January 1st or after will receive the signing bonus in the first paycheck of the next school year based on continued employment with Hoke County Schools
Moving Expense - $500.00
·           Applies to fully certified, highly qualified teachers
·           Must show proof of residency in Hoke County (lease, rental agreement, mortgage or purchase info)  Applicable during 1st year of employment
·           Payable within 3-5 business days

[1] Based on completion of an approved education plan
[2] Passing scores on Praxis II or other state testing